Data Management

Knowledge is power and data is useless without analysis.
We offer a wide range of data management services...
  • Data Migration Salvage your legacy data.
    We can import data from a variety of systems including various databases, spreadsheets, and RSS/XML based feeds.
  • Data Mining Extract business intelligence.
    We can help you comb through your data in order to locate trends and respond to a dynamic market intelligently.
  • Data Hosting Got growing data?
    We can host it for you.
    We provide optional redundancy for contingency planning.
  • Cloud / CDN integration Speed up your site.
    Using cloud based Content Delivery Networks we can help you serve your content quicker than ever.
  • Automated Backups Enjoy peace of mind.
    Know your data is safe
    and secure at all times with scheduled backups or live data mirroring and monitoring.