Drupal Modules

We have been using Drupal as our primary site building tool since 2007 and at times
when existing contributed modules didn't do the job we made our own, here are a few...
  • Antarctica File Manager: node-based DropBox style file manager with strict permission management.
  • Antarctica Messaging Action: sent notifications to all hands involved in a project upon new file additions.
  • Playspan Partner: made to allow white-labeling of Playspan Marketplace for cable providers.
  • Playspan ViewPod: made to remove views from DB and house them on file system and under version control.
  • Rocketron Server Connect: allowed data sharing between the website and the back-end java REST servers.
  • Rocketron Forward to Friends: allowed news articles in audio format to be shared between friends.
  • Rocketron Marketing Campaign Tracker: kept track of where new users came from.