Launch Phase

So your project has been built and tested and is ready to be launched?
There's a process in releasing a beast into the wild and same is true for a site.
Making a web project go live in a well orchestrated manner needs expertise,
and more importantly once a project is launched it needs a consistent effort
to help it grow and measure its success.

We don't just build sites, we help you flourish your online enterprise.

Deployment Strategy

  • Deployment Path: We follow the software engineering best practices by using the
    Development » Staging » Production forward push model to
    ensure code integrity and quality control.
  • Dynamic DNS: Using dynamic domain name servers we allow hosting redundancy for contingency planning and minimal downtime in case of a server outage
    while offering unlimited sub-domains.
  • GMail / Google Apps: We can help you tie your site with Google's services and application.
  • Load Balancing: We offer help with your infrastructure planning to speed up your site
    and reduce risks to your data.
  • Version Control: We support software version controlling through SVN / GIT.

Online Marketing

  • Sell Online: We help you sell your products by providing full customization of
    popular shopping cart systems including UberCart, Magento and Miva.
  • Search Engine Optomization: By implementing customized Page Titles, Keyword Metadata,
    and Clean URLs we improve your site's organic search ranking.
  • Social Netwroks: We show you how to grow Facebook / Twitter following
    and tap into Facebook / Linkedin Markets.
  • Google Analytics & AdWords: We help your spend your online advertising budget intelligently
    by tracking your goals and conversion rates using Google Analytics
    and AdWords.

Training and Maintenance

With every new system there is always an adjustment period
and in order to help speed up the learning process we offer training
on site management and maintenance packages for around the clock support.

We show you how to...
  • Edit your site's content
  • Add new content to your site
  • Manage users
  • Perform site data backups

User Retention

Once your site is built and launched, growing its user base becomes priority.
We offer help in the following areas to help you grow your online business.

  • Personalization
  • Localization
  • Growing Online Communities
  • Content Integrity Moderation
  • Spam Control Monitoring
  • Mailing Lists
  • Social Netwroks