Build Phase

The building process starts once the project requirements and visual elements have been defined.
Building a site starts with creating the HTML templates and themes used by the project,
followed by the implementation of all the required features and functionality
that were diligently documented during the planning phase,
including but not limited to:

Data Management

Knowledge is power and data is useless without analysis.
We offer a wide range of data management services...
  • Data Migration Salvage your legacy data.
    We can import data from a variety of systems including various databases, spreadsheets, and RSS/XML based feeds.
  • Data Mining Extract business intelligence.
    We can help you comb through your data in order to locate trends and respond to a dynamic market intelligently.
  • Data Hosting Got growing data?
    We can host it for you.
    We provide optional redundancy for contingency planning.
  • Cloud / CDN integration Speed up your site.
    Using cloud based Content Delivery Networks we can help you serve your content quicker than ever.
  • Automated Backups Enjoy peace of mind.
    Know your data is safe
    and secure at all times with scheduled backups or live data mirroring and monitoring.

Platform Integration

The art using different technologies harmoniously requires deep knowledge of each.
See under the hood of our projects and find out how they're built...

2012 | Prouna | CMS, Online Apps, Forms, Sites, SQL, eCommerce, PHP, Design, Development, Integration
2012 | Jadugaran | CMS, Online Apps, Sites, SQL, Flash, PHP, Design, Development, Integration
2012 | MFCSAZ | CMS, Online Apps, Forms, Sites, PHP, Design, Development, Integration
2012 | Antarctica Capital | CMS, Online Apps, Forms, Sites, SQL, Database, PHP, Development, Integration
2010 | Final Sound | Sites, PHP, Design
2010 | Playspan Marketplace | CMS, Online Apps, Sites, SQL, eCommerce, Authentication, PHP, Development, Integration
2010 | Bahrami Business Solutions | CMS, Sites, SQL, PHP
2009 | Doctor Nik | CMS, Identity, Sites, SQL, Database, Flash, PHP, Design, Integration


Testing and Quality Assurance

We test our sites on all current major browsers and devices
to ensure a uniform user interface across all platforms.
We also provide performance and security audits for
any site built using Drupal content management system.