Discovery Phase

Before starting a project we must define its requirements, features and specifications in detail.
This is the time when we ask a lot of questions and carefully listen to your vision for the project.
The key step in this process is to define your project's demands and match them with our solutions.

Our goal in the discovery phase is to learn as much as we can about your project's scope
and upon documenting them we start designing the user experience through an
iterative process until a final design agreement is reached.
Learn more about our services below...

Services & Solutions

With speed, stability, scalability and security as our focal points,
we offer a wide range of services and solutions to satisfy complex requirements.
  • Agile Development Launch your ideas today.
    With rapid prototyping take
    your ideas from inception to
    web presence within hours.
    We build custom web apps faster than most imagine.
  • TurnKey Web Solutions We build ready to use
    easy to update sites

    that work well from start.

    Enjoy a site management dashboard customized for you.
  • Content Management Systems Update your own content,
    you can edit every item
    on your site
    . Protect your
    data with permission based access control using Drupal, WordPress or Sharepoint.
  • Open Source Technology Open Source opens doors
    by placing more tools at your disposal. We support Drupal, WordPress, jQuery, Apache and Linux amongst other projects.
  • eCommerce Solutions Sell your products online.
    We build online markets
    using Ubber-Cart, Magento,
    osCommerce & Miva Merchant
    shopping cart software.
  • Localization Multilingual sites open international markets
    to your business. We offer
    complete localization
    for all major languages.
  • Google Apps Integration Have Google handle your email storage needs.
    Share spreadsheets and collaborate on documents with your team through GMmail and Google Docs integration.
  • Authentication We support a variety of login authentication platforms including LDAP, Active Directory, Crowd, OpenID, and Facebook Connect.

Find Your Target

The features of a site largely depend on its target audience
and to help you connect with them we need to determine
who they are in order to cater to their needs.

By listening to your business requirements and asking
key questions we help you refine your insight into a plan.

Business requirements for a site often fall into one of the following:
  • Corporate We build corporate sites for companies and
    Single-Sign-On login available.
  • B2B Direct Business-to-Business sites need concise
    user interface and greater 3rd party integration.
  • B2C Business-to-Consumer sites need to be optimized
    for higher traffic and better user interface.
  • Brochure Brochure sites simply offer information with
    little dynamic content or complex features.
  • eCommerce Sales transactions require a user interface streamlined
    for shopping & building brand loyalty
    to grow.
  • Community Online communities thrive on user contributed content
    and need easy to use tools for sharing social media.
  • Intranet Many organizations use web-based interfaces for
    collaborative document sharing and access control.
  • SAAS Software as a service model allows for your site to
    lend web services and functionality to your clients.

User Experience

  • Discover & Document
    Features & Requirements
  • Layout Design +
    Wire Frame Iterations
  • Visual Compositions
    Finalized Layout
  • Development Cycle
    Building Begins
We design visually appealing sites and define brand identity
including logo, palates and style guides. We also redesign
old outdated sites into leading edge web 2.0.

Upon defining a technology road-map and a required feature list,
the visual design process starts with a wire-frame layout of
all pages and major user interface elements.

Next, detailed graphic compositions of the layout is created
and iteratively fine tuned to achieve final design agreement.
We place great emphasis on navigation and customize
every single aspect of the sites we build to provide
ease of use and a rich experience for your users.

Media Assets

Want to make your site more appealing?
Engage your users with new and exciting rich media.
We can seamlessly incorporate a variety of media assets including video,
music, podcasts, streaming internet radio, live camera feeds, games,
slide shows, tutorials and dazzling flash interactivity into your site.