About 505LABS

505LABS is a web media factory with a southwestern prespective.
505LABS started in Albuquerque, where the local area code is 505.
505LABS is beauty, technology, and usability, mixed right.
505LABS team have been working together since 2000.
505LABS operates in Albuquerque and San Francisco.
505LABS logo is inspired by the New Mexican flag.
505LABS believes in free open source software.
505LABS is after challenging projects.


We currently operate in New Mexico and Northern California.
Each of us can be found at the following locations:

Ben - San Francisco, CA / Albuquerque, NM
Jon - San Francisco, CA
Taivas - Albuquerque, NM

Our Philosophy

Simplicity is by far the best advice when it comes to web development.
We prefer clean and concise while many overwhelm with information overload.
We like to push the envelop, an inch or a mile, when possible.
We are a fan of agile software development principles.

We thrive with technology, and avoid re-inventing the wheel.
We find balance between beauty and effective functionality.
As a team we focus on individual strength of each member.

Last but not least we actively support open source software.


We have been working in our field long enough to have learned the best practices the best way,
through practicing them, our collective experience could sum up to Noah's age if he was candid.
Our core team consists of three computer nerds from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ben - executive producer, developer, designer (since 1992)
Jon - interactive rich media architect (since 2000)
Taivas - developer, media producer (since 1994)


Great at Drupal, PHP, JQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, Coding, Cooking, Chinese Checkers, and making 505Labs a reality. Not so great at being modest, I've been developing software since 1992 and building websites since 1996, a full‑time nerd and part‑time artist, web development offers me the indulgence in both sides of my brain through analytical and creative challenges.


Adobe Certified Flash Developer, Java Nerd, Chess Master, Cyclist, Elitist, Jon has worked for such heavy contenders as Microsoft and Zynga amongst others. His specialties are building multiplayer games, frameworks, and fire in case of zombie apocalypse.


Coder, Producer, Artist, Engineer, Cyclist, Chinese Checkers Strategist, Mathematician, all around Fantastique, Tai has been coding since the last ice age but as of more recently, he's been building sites for Sandia National Laboratory.

This Website

This is the 7th revision of our site running on the 7th version of Drupal.
From the start we wanted to represent New Mexico's beauty and style
so the inspiration for our layout came from the distinctive round corner
curves of New Mexico's local adobe style architecture.

Built using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, our layout was optimized to fit within
the boundaries of standard 1024x768 tablet screens, eliminating the need for scrolling.
Every clickable element on our site comes with hover, active and active-trail states to
improve navigational usability, and well defined previous and next buttons guide users
through the site-tour to focus their click-choices.

This site represents our design goal, simplicity and functionality.
We hope you enjoyed browsing our site as much as we enjoyed building it.